Appraisal and Selection

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Selection for digital preservation is a common stumbling block among cultural heritage organizations, who sometimes select nothing or everything out of analysis paralysis. The best way to control long-term digital preservation costs is to control the amount of content being preserved. “Cheap storage” does not equate to digitally preserve everything; digital preservation consumes many resources.

With my collaborator Lauren Work, we provided an evidenced-based, pragmatic framework for digital preservation selection. Our framework centers the decision-making on subject matter experts, while also considering preservation-specific criteria. This framework is the foundation for the Penn State Guidelines to Select Levels of Digital Preservation Commitment. Following publication of our 2018 paper (Approaching Appraisal), we have continued to develop the framework, incorporating additional voices and perspectives. We hope to publish a follow-up in 2024.

Selected Presentations and Publications

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Nathan Tallman
Nathan Tallman
Executive Director

Executive Director, Academic Preservation Trust