Documenting Digital Preservation: Policies, Practices, and Workflows

We preserve our collections, but like the cobbler’s children without shoes, our own documentation of preservation policies, practices, and workflows could be improved. Session facilitators will highlight innovative approaches from around the digital preservation field (e.g. OSSArcFlow, Rockefeller Archives Center) for creating sustainable documentation that helps pivot projects to programs and foster shared understanding among teams. Participants will break into small groups organized around common digital preservation pain points and share their own policies, practices, and workflows and their approaches to their documentation. Participants will find commonality through discussion, leverage community knowledge to solve local problems, and opportunities to collaborate on shared problems.

Tallman, N. , Meister, S., & Dearborn, C. (April 29, 2019). “Documenting Digital Preservation: Policies, Practices, and Workflows,” Best Practices Exchange 2019, Best Practices Exchange, Columbus, Ohio. DOI: 10.26207/3vd4-5r05

Nathan Tallman
Nathan Tallman
Executive Director

Executive Director, Academic Preservation Trust