Prioritizing People: Accessibility and Digital Collections

Libraries spend significant resources digitizing collections, but are the platforms and repositories that provide access to these resources accessible to everyone? We make great effort to ensure physical access to our collections, we need to put the same intention into providing access to our digital collections. This session will highlight intentional steps to choose and build accessible digital infrastructure at Penn State. CONTENTdm at OCLC will share challenges when designing accessible interfaces. Participants will be broken into groups and assigned temporary disabilities and asked to interact with digital collections. First-hand experience using adaptive technologies can be an eye-opening user experience.

Tallman, N., Chen, H., & Alexander, H. (April 30, 2019). “Prioritizing People: Accessibility and Digital Collections,” Best Practices Exchange 2019, Best Practices Exchange, Columbus, Ohio. DOI: 10.26207/ch6k-gh82

Nathan Tallman
Nathan Tallman
Executive Director

Executive Director, Academic Preservation Trust