Prioritizing People: Accessibility and Digital Libraries

Libraries spend significant resources digitizing collections, but are the platforms and repositories that provide access to these resources accessible to everyone? We take great effort to ensure physical access to our collections, we need to put the same intention into providing access to our digital collections. In this webinar, presenters from Penn State University Libraries and OCLC will highlight steps to choose and build an accessible digital collections infrastructure, with both commercial software (CONTENTdm) and locally developed software (Samvera).

People without disabilities can take many things for granted that might present great difficulties for individuals with disabilities or impairments. While it’s impossible for others to truly know what it’s like, this webinar will include a demonstration of various disabilities or impairments while interacting with digital collections. However, first-hand experience using adaptive technologies can be an eye-opening user experience. Either before or after the event, participants are highly encouraged to try using a screen reader as the sole means of using their digital collections for a day, including opening the browser. Download the instructions for these activities, Using Adaptive Technologies Firsthand.

This OCLC Works in Progress Webinar will be of interest to library workers in the areas of special collections, technical services, library IT, and repository development; as well as user experience/user interface design and accessibility specialists.

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Tallman, N., Chen, H., & Yazza, V. (March 2020). “Prioritizing People: Accessibility and Digital Libraries,” Works-in-Progress, OCLC, Online. DOI: 10.26207/74ww-3539

Nathan Tallman
Nathan Tallman
Executive Director

Executive Director, Academic Preservation Trust