Implementation of Digital Preservation Appraisal and Selection Criteria

This session focused on implementation of digital preservation appraisal and selection criteria at a large academic library and a regional preservation consortium, both adapted from the 2018 Tallman/Work framework. Penn State University has implemented the framework and used it to develop a set of guidelines, weighted scoring system, and rubric that have been implemented in a Qualtrics form to streamline the process for selectors and curators. The Michigan Digital Preservation Network is currently working on how and why to weigh certain framework criteria to take into account the unique needs of smaller, cultural memory institutions focused on local history, selecting a more approachable tool or platform to simplify the selection process, and is looking towards an initial implementation to iterate and improve. The session included interactive opportunities for the audience to select and weigh digital preservation criteria.

Tallman, N., & Denault, C. (June 13, 2023). “Implementation of Digital Preservation Appraisal and Selection Criteria,” Best Practices Exchange 2023.

Nathan Tallman
Nathan Tallman
Executive Director

Executive Director, Academic Preservation Trust